Computer driving me crazy after gtx 560 ti upgrade

Hi guys

I am in need of some help:

here is my setup:

Intel i7-930 stock
16 gb of Gskill DDR3-1600
GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
evga gtx 560 ti (was 8800gt)
windows 7
2 hdds -
1. western digital
2. seagate

Here is my problem:

I had to upgrade my video card as I was noticing some problems with my monitor as it often freezes. everything was frozen, no mouse movement, nothing. Sometimes I see parallel lines so I knew it was time to upgrade my video card.

I bought a gtx 560 ti and everything went downhill from there.

1. when i first installed it, it booted up, stalled at the windows loading screen (before login) and it turned off by itself.

2. after that weird fiasco, it took a LONG time (longer than usual. before the video card upgrade the login screen would just pop up right away) for the login screen to appear.

3. once logged in. everything seems to run normal, BUT, A BIG BUT. once in awhile my programs either firefox, adobe illustrator, etc. would just stall, it's "not responding" for 5 seconds and then goes back to normal.

4. I wanted to test out my new video card with batman so after playing the first level it crashed on me.

5. I also had this incident with the western digital that was installed. This checkdisk ran when i booted up

checking file system on c:
the type of the file system is NTFS

one of your disks need to be checked for consistency. you may cancel the disks check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue. Windows will now check the disk.

chkdsk is verifying files (stage 1 of 3) ....
delete corrupt attribute record (128, "" )


1. i thought it was my RAM before i noticed that when i changed my ram in the bios to 1600mhz it wouldn;t boot so i had to set it at 1033 or something like that.

i booted up the computer with just one stick of ram, but everything seemed ok.

2. took out my western digital (thought it was hard drive) and then put my old seagate hard drive in there and decided to reformat.

during reformat, the process took longer than I remembered. i had to force reset at one point.

a. finished reformating, but after the force reset, it booted to windows loading, and it turned off by itself again.
b. now i am looking at the checkdisk screen again and doing the same thing as my western digital.

please, can somebody help me or tell me what to do or what to replace....

i just want to play skyrim and bf3 already.
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  1. What is your PSU? looks like your cpu was not handling the video card before, and now got even worse.
  2. Agree, what is your PSU? You either have a bad PSU, or bad stick memory, or maybe even both.
  3. I have a 600 watt psu, by thermaltake

    and also i have already tested each individual memory and all of them exhibited the same behavior - long loading time to the login screen.

    and im not sure if this is a crucial aspect, but my mobo doesn't take 1600 RAM but i didn't have this issue when i was using my 8800gt. I've had my memory couple months back now.
  4. 1. Set the RAM to the speed and timings that were "on the package". Are BIOS upgrades needed to support your RAM ? Specs say MoBo supports DDR3 2200/1333/1066/800 .... Im thinking you should be at 1333.

    2. Put the 8800 back in, uninstall the GFX drivers.....turn off machine, switch cards, tell windows NO if it finds new hardware....install freshly d/l'd video driver.

    3. The card wants a 500watt PSU.....Thermaltake isn't exactly upper echelon.
  5. but is your memory Overclocked to 1600? if the mobo does not support, i don't think you are running at 1600, are you?

    anyways the 600watts looks enough for one 560 ti so i'm not sure if it is psu problem now.

    EDIT: post up here was not there yet +1 up here, thermaltake reviews always are bad, the psus are always rated 100watts over their max power, so i would try changing psu if the post up here does not work.
  6. yea, it doesn;'t look like it can run 1600. Ive changed it to 1600 but it FAILS to boot so it goes to a low setting. I forget what speed it goes to since I am not in front of the computer. (i think it may have been at 1066)

    but like i said, when i was on the 8800gt a couple months back I had my 16gb running too so I'm not sure if it is ram problem. maybe you're right, it is a psu problem?

    cause i remember there were times when i first turn on my machine, it would turn on, nothing would show up, and then it would turn off, and then automatically turn back on. It doesn't happen often, but occassionally. This happen even when i had my 8800 gt

    what PSU do you guys recommend me going that can last me 4-5 years?
    also if possible i don't want to spend too much. just enough to run my computer!

    is this good?

    or corsairs? ocz? 700, 750?
  7. that is more than enough unless you are thinking in going for SLI you will not need 850w.

    but that price (U$99) is great, so if you can do that you can that one.

    otherwise i would suggest corsair gs600 (or 700)

    only if you are thinking about sli or you have some discount go for 800+
  8. i might just go for the corsair since i'm understanding that coolermasters aren't that great.
  9. just switched to video card and still stalling on starting windows screen. the first time it went to check disk process again, but second time it's stuck on the starting windows screen...

    what a nightmare
  10. This is a solid psu that will work fine for your specs and it's a great deal.
    OCZ ZS Series 550W
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