Black screen flashes on lcd. Answers?

I have a HP W2338H that is flashing black a few times, then back to normal.
It's plugged to a xfx hd 6750( i think ) via hdmi @ 1080/1260. It ran normal through dvi. I'm not over clocking but running my CPU max all the time.
I have noticed it seems to happen when my downstairs neighbors turn on there washer, dryer or anything that uses alot of power. But that just may be nonsence. Also recently installed a corsair 600w PSU if that matters to the issue.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. i have same issue with one of my 2 htpc's if you get a fix let me know mine is a onboard 4 series ati vid card hooked up to full hd lcd tv thru hdmi was wondering if it was crappy cable
  2. Actually, you ought to try and run it at the factory set resolutions and see if this occurs...
    1920 x 1080
    Usually it shouldn't.
    The monitors are certified to not cause electronic interference, although, you need to check if your neighbors washer comes upto that level of certification :)
    Anyways, give it a try at the 1920x1080 Resolutions and give us a feedback.
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