Hi guys,

Just like to know if I buy a gtx 570 will it be able to run skyrim and bf3 and diablo 3 on 1920x1080 at ultra settings? .. only one gtx 570.. thanks
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  1. Skyrim yes
    bf3 almost
    diablo3 isnt out yet but id be willing to bet very well
  2. my goodness. battlefield 3 is really a game changer. so by almost.. does that mean.. i'd have to push the clock a bit up to make it work good at ultra? or the fps will drop drasticly? cuz im running bf3 right now on an old gts 250 at 1920x1080 at low everything and the framerates are bad.. :(
  3. You mighr have to back it off a tiny bit but it will.still run smoothly looking good
  4. well thats good to know.. so i'm assuming that if i go a notch up. say gts 580.. i'd be able to run it perfectly fine with high settings?
  5. It all depends. The 580 will have a better fram buffer but tbh why not get the 7970 if youre going to spend that much. Its around the same price but faster with more vram
  6. You can run BF3 fine on Ultra with a 570GTX. Just disable MSAA and use FXAA

    I have it on ultra on 1920x1080 without MSAA but with FXAA on a 560Ti and I have no lag whatsoever
  7. Thats what i was talking about with taking the settings back a notch was primarily aa. Thats the " almost" i was talking about.
    The 570 is a great card and will do well in all games
  8. Skyrim is more cpu dependent anyhow.
  9. yes thats true skyrim is cpu dependent game.:)
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