Graphics card wont display switch tv

Hello, Graphics card was working up fine (HDMI port). Powered off the computer, switched the HDMI to another TV, and suddenly it would not display anything. Works fine using integrated gfx. Did my graphics card suddenly die?
Radeon HD 4830
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  1. Check the T.V. Source is on HDMI
    Change refresh rate
    Change resolution
    Update GPU Drivers
    Check cable

    If none work post back with more information =P
  2. Source is on HDMI.
    How Can I change Refresh Rate and Resolution without being able to see what im doing?
  3. Try the HDMI cable back on the original TV and see if it comes on.
    If it does, then it's the Cable standard which might differ from the cable required by the New Tele..... they have come up with a 1.3a something of that sort right?
    That could be one possibility.
    That would also prove that your card has not died on you...
  4. No display on original TV either, will try a different HDMI cable just in case.
  5. OK, Waiting for the tryout.
    But..... how are you using the IGP when you've got the GPU plugged in?
    Has the Display order changed in the BIOS by chance?
    Check it up will you....
  6. No luck with another HDMI cable.
    The fan is spinning on the GPU, which means its getting power.
    So its narrowed down GPU or the PCI E port
  7. Check the BIOS setting to be sure .
  8. Will do, Thanks for your help anyway. Much appreciated.
  9. Welcome and do let us know so we can follow up further is you're still stuck with the problem.
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