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Help finalizing 5000$+ gaming build

Last response: in Systems
April 17, 2012 2:22:12 PM

Currency: CAN$
Resolution: 5760x 1080p (using 4x MSAA and don't want to ever drop below 40fps)
Need: Hard core Gaming + minor video editing (went 16g of ram because they are cheap but I don't think that I'll go for an i7 CPU)
Budget: 5000$ + (not counting the water cooling in that price so will probably end between 6000$-7000$).

Part that I have already bought:

-case: Corsaire obsidian 800d:
-PSU: 1200w Corsair Professional series gold (got both, the PSU + case combo for 500$ )

-Ram: 4x4gb 1600Hz Corsaire vengence: -120$-

-got mouse, keyboard, headset and speaker

What I plan to add next:

CPU: Intel I5-3570k -exepected to be around 230$-

Mobo: Asus p8 Z77 WS -340$-

GPU: 3x 680gtx 4G version -expecting around 600$ each- (actually I'll buy two and add a third one when the 700s will be out)

SSD: 2x samsung 830 serie 512gb -700$ US each- (For some reason both and don't have that one.)

blueray burner: something around 130$

Screen: 3x 24 inch 1080p -???$- (Don't know yet. Need a monitor that can provid good image even when your not straigh before the srceen since its an eyefinity set-up)

Cooling: Custom water cooling.

April 17, 2012 2:52:28 PM

Rockdpm said:
So what else do you need?, sounds like your build plans are at latest Specs, so your good to go. O and good luck getting ahold of 680's they are extremely rare right now considering most go right out of stock within 10 mins of newegg

If your looking for Monitors. 3 ASUS:

and for Blu Ray drive, most get LG:

yeah well I'll hold on a little to see if they can get the 680gtx 4gb before that I get impatient and go with the HD7970 3gb.

I'm still open minded on the brands/parts that I've listed in case someone can point me something that I haven,t thought about.