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Which graphic card should i buy

because i'm tight on budget, i'm unable to buy Asus GTX570 Directcu II which cost SGD$499
other than gtx570 which grahpic card can i still buy? i'm okay with both ati and nvidia

another question, will gtx570 price ever drop? it's so overprice in singapore...
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    The Answer is Yes. Kepler is coming within the next few months. Earliest i heard was the tip end of February. Kepler is NVIDIA's next line of Graphics cards. If you want 570 performance put don't want to pay the 570 price tag. a GTX560 ti 448 core is your best bet. This card is better than a 570 from what i have been told and is cheaper. I run two GTX 560ti's (Not 448) and i did fine with just one. But the rule of thumb is once new technology comes out everything before it just seems primitive when its not
  2. you can go for 560 ti or 6950, they are a little cheaper than 570 and are also good, the prices may drop when the new geforce video card are released but not much... and you'll need to wait.
  3. if u cannot afford that much go for an gtx 560 ti 448 cores which is nearly comparable towards the gtx 570 and after overclocking it performs as a gtx 570 buy 448core in an cheaper price. oc gtx 560ti 448 = gtx 570.


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