Issues with GTX 560 Ti

Hello. I have these 2 issues possibly related to my new GTX 560 Ti.

So I just recently built up a new PC with the following specs:

Asus p8p67-PRO
I7-2600k (slightly overclocked)
Asus GTX 560 Ti (overclocked*1) - DCII
Cooler Master 750W power
Case with 2x 120mm fans, 1x 80mm and Ninja3 for CPU
Windows 7 Ultimate & Latest Nvidia drivers

1* Vcore 1.07 - Engine 1000 - Memory 4666

So my first problem is that when I have the computer on for any amount of time. It can be either 1 hour or 48hours straight, doesn't seem to matter at all. The video output just stops for about 10-20seconds. Music still plays for 5sec after the video stops (audio output is on the mobo). And in the 10-20sec everything resumes back just as it was befor.
The 'NVIDIA Settings' taskbar icon throws a popup that says the driver has crashed. But the drivers work just fine after.
This doesn't happen only when gaming. I don't play so much, and I think it only happend once when I was playing the latest assassin's creed. Other than that it usually happens when I'm doing anything else.

Then to my second issue that annoys me a lot. This only seems to happen with single game and that being World of Warcraft.
I play WoW with vsync on as supposed so I'm at stable 60fps at all times. But sometimes, like once every 24hours my fps drops to 45 and stays there. If I restart the game, it is still at 45fps. If I lower the settings to absolute minimal I can get it back to 60fps.. But this is not an option. Only restarting the computer seems to fix this issue.
As I mentioned earlier, I don't play so much.. But I can only recall this happening once with any other game, and that being Assassin's Creed 2.

I've set custom Graphic fan speeds according to the heat amount, and Its at absolute maximum if the heat rises to 55Celsius. I know its pretty extreme setting, but I don't mind the noise / can't hear it anyways. It is really rare that the fans kick to 100% but when I'm playing World of Warcraft the fans are at the 3-4th step (5step scale), however when this problem starts that the fps drops to 45, the coolers go to 1-2 (20-40%) which is about the same as when I was playing tetris :D

Also I am not quite sure if the 45fps is correct. It feels like the game just gets broken. Its complitely unplayable even tho I used to play wow with 30fps cap back in the day and that was just fine.

I will be very thankful for any help.
I'll gift 10dollars (via paypal) to the one able to solve either of my issues.
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  1. Try to raise the Vcore to 1.013V
  2. Sorry for the mistake, do the crashes happen if you use the default GTX560Ti settings?
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