Will a single 6 pin power connector handle the gtx 560 ?

i wnt to buy a gtx 560 non ti gpu and need a PSU for it ..so i had in my mind Corsair VS450 450 Watts PSU http://www.flipkart.com/corsair-vs450-450-watts-psu/p/itmdbfa3kaffmum3?pid=PSUDBF9ZBHSJVGJ8&ref=90e14ae1-7554-4bf2-8b2e-b60fc0cf6785 So it has only one 6 pin connector ..so should i buy this 1 ??
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  1. gtx 560 is 2 x 6-pin PCI express power connectors be connected to the system power supply
  2. So this power supply is not suited for this gpu ??? But it contains 2 4 TO 6 pin power connectors
  3. yep right ... you need 2x 6pin pcie or like this

    remember you had limited power for it
  4. this connectors are available in gtx 560 box ????
  5. this connectors are available in gtx 560 box ????
  6. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812267004

    The GTX 560 video card reqwuires two 6 pin power cables to work , the links above show what cables will most likely come with the card and you can take one of them to make the second 6 pin connector. There is also a splitter cable that you can get to make two connectors out of one.


    You may not be able to buy from Newegg but the links are for your reference to see what you need.
    If you can aford it you could buy a power supply with two 6 pin connectors or if not you can use the adaptors.
  7. minimum requirement is 500W
  8. But adapters will b ok??
  9. gtx 560 non ti requires 450w power supply
    Soi should go with Crosair 450w 1x6 pin Power Connector And us the adapters from the box
  10. adater Ok is your PSu 500W .. 450 will get hot and maybe poor power
  11. The minimum power supply requirement for the 560 is 450w and you can use the one 6 pin that comes with the power supply and the adaptor.
  12. ohhoooo 500w power badly needed ??
  13. It would be better to go with a 500w power supply but if the cost is too much then the 450w will work and power that video card.
  14. 450w with crosair mentioned above ?
  15. Thermal and Power Specs:
    99 CMaximum GPU Tempurature (in C)
    150W Maximum Graphics Card Power
    450W Minimum System Power Requirement
    Two 6-pinSupplementary Power Connect

    The link shows that the minimum power supply required is a 450w.
  16. yep
  17. Ordering the thing Guzzz the above crosair 1 450w
  18. good luck
  19. Thnxxxxxxxx u helped a lot
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