Core I7 3770k Temperature quaestion

if i get this cooler
Cooler Master - V6GT 120mm CPU Cooling Fan with Heat Sink
can i OC 3770k
cuz i compared bet. 2600k & 3770k, i was worry about temp. of 3770k in oc, so if i get this cooler can i oc 3770k with a good temp.? and what is the expect temp. in that case?
what's your suggestion for buy 2600k or 3770k?
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  1. Yes you will be able to overclock the Intel® Core™ i7-3770K with the Cooler Master V6GT. While the overclocking potential from one processor to another will vary most likely you can reach around 4.3GHz and around 80c as long as you can keep the voltage under about 1.2v unload. I would focus on the Intel Core i7-3770K since it does give the latest technology and with the IPC improvement you can equal performance of a higher clocked Intel Core i7-2600K.
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