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ok guys 2 questions.
will an xfx 650 psu power a gforce 570 or 580

2nd question i made my new build from advice from
this forum, and although i cant use the new pc yet
as the msi board has no onboard graphics,

i hooked up the new monitor that goes with this
new system to my old pc. the new monitor has
hdmi and vga output, so i bought a cable to hook
up this 23 inch philips monitor to my old pc just to
try it out, my old pc uses an old style 17inch monitor
graphics card is gforce 8400 gs.

so i powered up the monitor and it looks like the letters
are ever so slightly smudged to the right
also i played 1 of my games on onlive > fear 2 which looks
great on my old monitor but on this new 1 im seeing lots
of blockyness is this because my old pc and old graphics
card isnt enough to run this monitor well here see what i


i look at the writing im doing now and it almost
looks slightly blurry rez - 1024 x 768
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  1. or is it because the 2 monitors are so different in size but on
    the same rez its pulling the words.. will the new gpu int he new
    pc fix this
  2. problem fixed the cheap vga cable i bought from ebay
    was crap, had another look in the monitor box and there
    was a vga cable with it. picture is perfect now
  3. actually this was a follow on question from the home build you
    guys already helped my build 2 months ago still didnt answer the

    ok guys 2 questions.
    will an xfx 650 psu power a gforce 570 or 580
  4. yes a xfx 650w has enough power to run a gtx 570 or 580 setup.but i would suggest 7870 over gtx 580.
  5. just to verify you did help me build my pc

    but no gpu
    so just needed to be sure the 650xfx would run either card
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