Buying New HP Gaming PC, But Custom Build only Offers 2 Graphics Cards


I'm Buying a New Gaming PC from HP Model 9SE, But with Custom Build HP only Offers 2 different Graphics Cards to choose from(Last week you could choose from 4 or 5 different ones.
The 2 they are currently offering (1) 1GB DDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Tl OR (2) 1GB DDR5 Radeon HD 6850
My Question is which is Better?
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  1. hd 6850 is better then gtx 550ti even an hd 6790 is also better then gtx 550ti
  2. see here differences.

    see full review then u will understand which is better:)
  3. build the system yourself. DO not buy HP>
    HP is Bad............................ Very Bad
  4. i don't know that HP is good or bad but custom build is best ;)
  5. 6850 is almost double the power of 550ti and 6850 is a bit faster than GTX 460 and 6850 takes only one 6pin = BI WINNING
  6. The title of this thread alone is one point in favor of building a PC yourself, from whatever parts you'd like to use (and confirmed [here] are compatible!)
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