Need help currently installing PSU

hi guys, scott here

i am currently trying to install my new corsair cx600 600w power supply, however when after i have installed it and connected it to all the appliable ports (same as my current 300w psu) it does not power on, i have attempted it numerous times with the same result, can anyone offer some help / guidance as this is the first time i have installed a psu

thanks in advance!

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  1. yes i have
  2. Did you flip the power switch ?
  3. ok i sorted the problem it was due to a silly mistake by me, i didnt realise i was trying to use a 5A power cable :(

    however i am now experianceing a problem, the computer has started up but it says that it could not start up correctly and it is currently scanning to fix any problems? it says it will take several minutes but its been going for about 15 mins already?

    any suggestions?

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