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Hello there, I'm going to be building my first custom computer and was looking to get some input on good case, motherboard, etc.

I was only wanting to spend 50-80 on a case. Which I'm going to buy first. And with the other parts i will be buying overtime. I'm in no rush to build. so therefore just shoot me ideas for motherboard and processor combos.

I am not a hardcore gamer. Just looking for a cool custom case with the power to do just about anything

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  1. look at antec one hundred on newegg
  2. there are A LOT of options . .

    though i hope you at least of some sort of idea what you are going to build. it would be a shame to want good components but find they don't fit.
  3. I would recommend a Coolermaster HAF 912 on Newegg ($50 after rebate) or an NZXT Source 220 ($60). They are probably the best cases that you are going to fit in your budget.

    Remember, with all the other parts, buy them all at once, as if you don't one of the parts may be broken and then it is after the time when you can return it, and you will have to pay for it again.

    What processor were you thinking of getting, this seems like a budget build, so maybe an i3 or an AMD processor?
  4. After looking at some of the cases I am thinking about getting the NZXT Source 220.


    Rosewill CHALLENGER.


    Not to sure on the Processor. I have a few friends that are telling me to get he intel 2500k but no sure if i wanna spend 200+ on processor. I will not be doing any hardcore gaming. So not sure if i want that one.

    Just shoot me some Processor and mother combos to choose from. No more than 325-375 combined.
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