Video card download for windows 7 dell laptop inspiron n5110

i have problem while running the game Pes 2012, and i can't find any video card in my device manager
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  1. Your graphics card should appear under the display adapter section in the device manager.

    Your laptop either has the Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated solution, or the AMD Radeon HD 6470m card. If you have the Intel Graphics, it simply may not be good enough to run that game. Intel's integrated graphics have terrible gaming performance. The HD 6470m isn't much better though, either way, turn all your graphics settings for the game down to the lowest possible setting, if you are having performance issues that will help.

    If the game isn't running at all, you may need to download a driver update. Look up your laptop on Dell's website and download the latest driver for your graphics device. If you can't identify your GPU, download a program called GPU-Z, it will tell you what graphics device you have.
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