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I have the Intel (R) Pentium (R) E2200 CPU @2.20Ghz, as you all know that's a pretty old and slow CPU now and i don't have enough money to upgrade to something better, so yesterday i opened my motherboard's box, and i found out that there is a user-friendly tool that allows me to overclock my CPU easily and get more performance in gaming and in my everyday use of PC, i own an ASRock motherboard and the tool is called Asrock Overclock Tuner.

So today i used this tool and i overclocked my E2200 from 2.20Mhz to 2.30 but i noticed that the temperature is 52/54C when idle, when gaming it goes up to 60-67C (Call of Duty 4) I want to know if that's a natural temperature for an overclocked CPU ? I'm using the factory cooler and the cooler is running at the highest speed.
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  1. That actually a good temp, especially for intel's stock coolers, but i would recommend getting a aftermarket so you can overclock a little higher (until the CPU reaches its limit).
  2. Thanks good to know, if i keep using my stock cooler and i overclock more higher the temp will increase, can you tell me what temp i need to avoid so my system can run properly and without causing any damage to the CPU ?
  3. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/342471-10-intel-temps

    Find out what architecture your CPU has (e.g. northwood, prescott, presler.etc).
  4. check the Vcore; the voltage for the CPU because your temp is a little on the high side. and also i personally avoid using any "overclocking tuners" the best way is to go into the bios and do it yourself.

    depending on your motherboard and getting a decent cooler; go back to stock settings and lower your voltage to the cpu; boot up run prime95 for 20 minutes and if it passes go lower the voltage a little more. wash rinse repeat until either it doesn't post or you fail testing it in prime95. then bump the volts up slightly.

    that is the lowest Vcpore for stock speed and will help you keep the temps down as much as possible. now go raise the front side bus a notch and test with prime95. if it passes wash, rinse, repeat until a fail (or BSOD) and then slightly bump the voltage.

    btw, unlink your RAM so you can be stable during this process. depending on your motherboard you could get a 10% or 20% overclock before everything gets really flonky. you could get more depending on the cpu but every chip is different.

    watch your temps! you want to idle under 40c and not go over 65c while stressing in prime.

    this is just a general manner to overclock. please google overclock E2200 for more details.
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