Nvidia 9800GT Problem

Hello every one, I am new in this forum.
I need some help for video card problem.

My system Inf:
OS: windows 7 Utimate 64 bit
CPU: Intel E8400
Main board: Asus p5b-Deluxe
memory: 8G Crucial
Power supply: Antec 500W
Hard Drive: 160G intel SSD
Graphic card: EVGA Nvidia 9800GT 512MB

system no overlock.

I bought 160G intel SSD it come with Battlefield 3 some another latest game.
I can not play any one of them, when I try to play Battlefield 3 I can not control My mouse or keyboard, some another game run with slow motion, also when I try to edit picture with photoshop for about 1 hour the video card seam like slow down.
Is that the problem with video card?
If i Upgrade to the new video card the problem will be fix?
Which video card should work with my computer?
I think about to get new video card, I see Sapphiri 6850 onsale today at newegg after rebate $120, but I don't know is this card good enough for what I need.

Please give me some advice

thank You
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  1. Welcome to Tom´s!

    There is no problem with yur card. It is just a bit old, and it lacks resources to run BF3 and other graphic demanding games.

    Get yourself a new card and use your 9800GT in SLI to run PhysX. You will need a new power supply for a SLI configuration tough.

    For your reference read Best Graphics Cards For The Money: February 2012 http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107.html
  2. how do you figure it is a GPU problem when you are having issues with the keys and mouse, and when photoshop runs slow but uses the CPU to render, not the GPU?

    Most likely it has more to do with switching to the new Intel HDD. When you moved over did you do a fresh install? or did you clone your old drive? It is rare (though less rare than it use to be) for a HDD image to clone properly to an SSD. I would reformat and try again.
  3. This motherboard doesn't support SLI (only crossfire), so if you wan't go sli you will need change everything, it is easyer to buy a new computer, i would say to you buy another video card, but probably your CPu will be bottlenecking it, so even if you buy a 6850 your cpu will be pushing it down and by buying a new cpu you will need everething new...
  4. jemm makes a good point, the 9800GT (while rockin in it's day) is a bit slow for those games. I remember trying Crysis 2 at full specs and getting a good laugh at my old 9800GT running slow as molassis. Keys and mouse still worked though, the card just could not keep up with the game. SLI a 2nd 9800GT for 1/2 decent performance, or move on up to a new GPU. 6850 is not going to be significantly faster than the 9800GT, you will want something more allong the lines of a 560ti or 570 to run those games effectively... and a quad core CPU with 8GB of DDR3 would help too.
  5. Try lowering Battlefield 3 setting to medium and update to new video driver.

    If you update to 6850 then it will give you a lot more permorfance and good enough for you but will be bottleneck by your cpu as other said.

    @caedenv...why 8gb ram is needed when 4gb is not utilize by BF3? 3.5gb is max utilize by program.
  6. Thank You for all advice

    when I got my Intel SSD, I use true Image to make the Image from old hard to the SSD.

    I read all the advice, seam like if I order 6850 still not help.
    Only one way to get new system like I5 or I7 Is that right?
    I just order new power supply couple days ago when they on sale at newegg Antec Neo 600W.
    you guy has more experience for computer build can you guy help me for which main board good for I7
    I don't know much about computer part that why i don't do overlock.
    I just need the system run for my photoshop and video convert and edit.
    Please give me some sample hardware to build new system

  7. the issue start after I use true Image make image the old hard drive (AHCI) and to SSD.

    Do I need to fresh install windows ( man I have a lot app on my hard drive) some of program I install on Western Digital 2T, which program I use the most of time i Install it on SSD.
    I try to void reinstall OS.
  8. i5-2500k is a great choice with better price than i7 and z68 chip mobo is good. You can choose between gigabyte and asus.
  9. before going for a new computer if you only want for photoshop/video edit format your windows.

    it is always better do a fresh install on the hard drive instead of using "true image", this should fix most of problems in photoshop/video edit for this stuff 9800gt is already great...
  10. Ok I will try to fresh Install OS this weekend

    Thank you for all advice
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