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This might be in the wrong category....i just wanted views on intel's vt-x technology. is it really helpful?
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  1. What it is, for IT pros or people who understand computers well.-

    I haven't really paid attention on Intel's VT-x so i won't really know, my guess is yes..
  2. if you want to run a virtual machine such as another operating system as a guest, it is needed. if not then there is no need or use for it.
    Everything You Need to Know About the Intel Virtualization Technology
  3. ummm....well i was installing ubuntu 12 on a virtual processor is 64-bit, as well as the ubuntu installer. when i enabled the vt-x, ubuntu installed fine, while disabling it caused the ubuntu installation to display something like 'unsupprted processor'. should i assume that disabling vt-x gives me a 32-bit processor for virtual machines?
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    it doesn't "cut it in half" (64/32 bits) it makes the cpu available for the guest system.
  5. hmmm...ok....thanks a lot looniam :-)
  6. you're welcome
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