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Fan Power question

I have a 600 watt corsair power supply, Z77 asrock mobo, haf 912 case, saphire 6870, 8 gb ram, 500gb hdd, dvdrw drive, i-3 processor 3.3 ghz

I originally only had 2 pre-installed fans, so i decided to fill in the gaps and decided to buy extra fans. I plugged them in, and i used the 4 pin molex adapters to plug ALL new 4 fans into the power supply. None are connected to the chassis fan connector.

Now, my question is, is it bad to daisy chain all the molex conectors into one plug on the PSU or
am i suppose to use all the extra psu plugs and plug each fan in?

This is my first time building a computer btw, nothing bad is happening so far.....

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    Because fans draw so little power, "daisy-chaining" is just fine.
  2. Well depending on what fans you get, fans draw 0.15-0.30A (150-300ma) which is not alot, so it wouldn't cause any damage to the power supply.
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