What is a matter with my i5 2500 temperature

What is a matter with my i5 2500 temperature any one got any idea why it is saying -60.
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  1. Are you doing any liquid nitrogen or helium cooling?

    Does it say the same with coretemp?
  2. Don't use SpeedFan. That's what's wrong, lol. It seems to ALWAYS be wrong for current gen Intel CPU's.

    Try HWMonitor, Core Temp or RealTemp.
  3. o thanks Im dumb
  4. Your not dumb, you just didn't relise that speed fan is dodgy...
  5. well its obvious now I was playing BF3 and I was still getting - 60 wish it could but yet again it would frezze
  6. Some times it could be true (with a turbo charged intel cooler....).

    What does it say with coretemp?
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