The Top Mini-ITX

Dear Community,

This is more of a discussion than a question: let's make a list of the top ten Mini-ITX cases for gaming on the market today!

Here are my personal entries:

Bitfenix Prodigy here

CoolerMaster Elite 120 here

LIAN LI PC-TU200B here


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  1. I maintain a databse of hardware reviews which includes pc cases. Here is the link for reviews for this month:

    Here is the link for reviews for this year to date:

    You can also follow the links into the archives for older reviews.
  2. Jonny how come my security software rated your site a risk?
  3. Any chance it was Phish Tank or Open DNS that did the rating?

    Two weeks ago my web host's server was hacked. My web site was down for almost 48 hours. Afterwards unauthorized folders and files were discovered. There were some folders added to my web site. The folders and files appeared to be for a phishing scam for a financial institution in Brazil. Phish Tank, a subsidiary of Open DNS, is the source of the rating which is shared with other organizations. The unauthorized folders and files were quickly eliminated but not before one particular unauthorized web page was listed by Phish Tank.

    It was actually a representative of Phish Tank that telephoned me and informed me about the hack and the phishing scam.

    I am currently waiting for one piece of important information from my web host before requesting a change in rating.

    EDIT - Here is the link to the Phish Tank listing which is the original source of the rating:

    As you can see the problem has already been partially corrected. It will take a few more days to get it fully corrected.
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