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I got a GTS 250 eco 1gb Zotac for Christmas this year and am not entirely impressed by the performance in gaming. I would like to know where i can trade this in for a decent amount and what to upgrade to for solid frame rates on some of the better games

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  1. Your best bet is to post in for sale section and then buy a new/used card. You should list what games you mostly play and at what resolution. You will get a better answer that way.

    Best of luck!

  2. What is the rest of your system specs? sometimes the bad performance was not about the video card, buy maybe your cpu, or even the psu could not give enough power for the gpu.
  3. If your MoBo is capable, given what you might get for a used 250, ya might wanna consider using it as a PhysX card. As far as recommendations go, it's hard to give ya anything w/o a budget and playing resolution. To give ya an idea of what peeps are buying these days, here's a list of what's most popular by measuring what's hitting Steam Serves:

    Market Share Per Steam Servers

    Card Description ----------- June Market Share ----------- January Market Share --------- % Change
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 -------- 3.46% ----- 9.47% ----- 273.70%
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 -------- 2.77% ----- 4.02% ----- 145.13%
    ATI Radeon HD 6950 ------------- 2.54% ----- 4.08% ----- 160.63%
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 -------- 2.47% ----- 3.69% ----- 149.39%
    ATI Radeon HD 6970 ------------- 1.26% ----- 1.72% ----- 136.51%
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 -------- 0.59% ----- 2.96% ----- 501.69%

  4. The gts250 1gb goes for $40 new on ebay.

    Maybe consider a second and go SLI
  5. My current specs are
    Amd Sempron 3800+ @2.21 Ghz
    2gb 667 RAM
    Gigabyte crappy motherboard

    I have a new pc on the floor of my room just need windows
    Should i try and trade this in for an smount that can cover the majority of the cost of a better one??

  6. About the specs you send there:

    yes, i don't think you would get good fps with this Sempron 2.21, specially in games that are cpu dependant.

    so if you are thinking in going for amd 6000 or nvidia 500 cards certainly you will need a new machine...

    about the sli, it can be good, but anyways this cpu will bottleneck em, so first i would change the cpu/motherboard and if you think in going for SLI you must have a powerfull enough PSU.
  7. I just need to get another computer i have up and running
    That has
    Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.8Ghz
    4gb Ram
    Same Card

    what is your opinion on the card? Should i upgrade to a GTX 560 Ti or wait until the price decreases?

  8. you will have a big performance increase changing the graphics, but even with this cpu you will still be bottlenecking the GPU...

    i used to have e8400 3.0ghz and a 560 ti, and the performance wasn',t good, so when i changed cpu i noticed the cpu was holding the gpu a lot specially in the cpu dependant games...

    so no even with this one you will not be able to fully use the 560 ti...

    you will need to take a new cpu, something like this one, this cpu is really great for the price:

    and by changing that you will need to upgrade everething.
  9. Thats what is was thinking about getting. Sept the K version

    I really need to know what motherboard is good but cheap and what Ram is good but cheap? a good case aswell dont need a PSU basically the works

    I want he comonents to be under 300£ and i have everything else already here

  10. Motherboard i would go for :

    RAM i would take:

    Case is personal, just make sure it is big enough and have a good ventilation;

    Also make sure your psu is at least 500w REAL
  11. Thanks Loads man

    Now i just have to save up all my money :p
    Is there and card that in the future is i should consider selling mine and upgrading to??

  12. Block Bud said:
    Thanks Loads man

    Now i just have to save up all my money :p
    Is there and card that in the future is i should consider selling mine and upgrading to??


    that only the future will tell.

    i would wait for the new Nvidia graphic cards.
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