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HI Guys

So it has been a while since i built a PC, so I am a bit "rusty" on choosing components. But i have been trying to do some research.

Traditionally i've always gone for AMD, but from what i can see Intel is the better choice now. And i like the idea of the Integrated Graphics of i5 and i7 CPU's, paired with Z68 chipset.

These are the purposes and requirements i have set up:
- Small Chassis, and Micro-ATX MB (Will be set up in our living room, my home office will become baby room)
- Will mostly be used for Internet and Media. But i want the option to do some gaming. But i am definitely not a hardcore gamer. I suspect an i7 paired with Z68 MB should be sufficient.
- Preferably not to much noise.
- Performance wise, i want to build a PC that doesn't need upgrading at least the first couple of years,
- Possibility for 2 monitors using the integrated Graphics option

These are the Components i have listed so far, but i am a bit unsure if 380 W psu is sufficient. The one listed, is supposed to be 80% efficient,. And maybe 16gb RAM is overkill.

Antec New Solution NSK3480-EC
Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3
Intel Core i7 2700K
Corsair Vengeance (16 GB : 4 x 4 GB - DIMM 240-pins - DDR3 - 1600 MHz / PC3-12800 - CL9 - 1.5 V - n)
120 GB SSD, not sure what are the best ones, I'm thinking Kingston HyperX
2 TB standard 3.5" disk.

Any suggestions/warning/improvements are appreciated.
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  1. Well 16gb RAM is an overkill.You should be fine with 8.
    380W should be enough if the PSU is one from top brands like seasonic or corsair.
    Personally I think you should get a GPU. Yes the integrated graphics is enough for some movies and surfing the web but I'm sure you won't be satisfied with it's performance.
    Besides it's a waste to spend so much money getting a i7 paired with a z68 motherboard and not getting a half decent GPU.
    Also why so much storage? 2TB?Seriously?That's a hell lot of data!
  2. Good points :)

    The idea of 16GB RAM was to Completely disable disk SWAP, and let in all run in memory. But maybe i should consider 8gb, although the price for 16Gb is not too bad.

    Yeah 2 TB is ALLOT of storage, but i keep ALLOT of video stored. I could probably do with less, or even use my existing drives. But i want to keep it down to 1 SSD for OS and appz and 1 HD for storage. Price VS space 2 TB seems to be a good option. I might however go for one of the 5400 RPM eco drives. As it will only be used for storage.
  3. Depending on the games you are considering playing, i7 is an overkill with what you want. Also depending on the games, Video Cards dedicated video memory may be an actual requirement to run the game. 8GB ram is more than enough with what it sounds like you plan on doing, especially if it's DDR3 which i assume it will be. If you are upgrading from a DDR2 memory motherboard to DDR3 you need to have a good understanding on how much faster and more capable DDR3 is... overkill is very easy otherwise, especially with the cheap prices :). and this probably goes without saying but just making sure you also know you wouldn't be able to migrate DDR2 to the new system lol. If you do plan on installing more RAM than that, make sure your motherboard can support it. Also, i'm not too familiar with that size case but you should definitely consider hard drives of at least 7200rpm with a good amount of cache memory (mainly suggesting that due to your massive amount of data) (mainly suggesting that due to your massive amount of data). And another suggestion would be two hard drives... one as secondary data storage, and one for your OS and applications... this way all your operations and programs don't have to work along side of your overwhelming amount of data.

    -edit : I just read your other comment so some of that may info may be useless, i apologize.
  4. Ivy Bridge is shipping at the end of the month. They have better integrated video.

    Not good to skimp on the power supply if going for longevity. ~550 80%
    Gives you the option of adding a mid-range discrete video card later.

    Also want a case with 120mm intake fan in front of the 3.5" drives, and 120mm exhaust. Basic push pull config as a minimum. (120mm = quieter/low RPM)

    Exhaust only can leave your hard drives at ambient +20 leading to early failure.
  5. Thanks Guys, i changed my setup to standard ATX, bought a Antec 300 and happy with it. Fits 2 120 mm fans in front. And got opening in the back for access to motherboard from behind. For easy heat-sink mount. Will also just keep my old PSU (630W)

    Anyway, i already bought Case, SSD , 16 GB DDR3 (Corsair Vengance cl8, 1600) and a H80 cooler.

    In the meantime i brought "new life" into my existing cpu, Phenom II 720 BE. I successfully unlocked the 4th Core and clocked it stable to 3.2 Ghz.

    So now my choices are between getting a Z77 MB and new CPU, or just get a new MB that supports DDR 3 to use existing CPU. I also need to get SATA 3 to fully utilize the SSD (Vertex 4)

    I will hold on for a bit more to see some more reviews on ivy bridge before i decide.
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