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Should i get another GTX 560 or go with an AMD GPU?

I currently have a Nvidia GTX560 (not ti) installed in my rig. I was a dummy and didn't do enough research before buying it to know about AMD's "bulldozer" configuration.

I'm planning on going with dual graphics cards, so should i just purchase another 560, or put that card in my old computer and go with dual AMD cards?

Both my motherboard and PSU will support dual cards.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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    If you do decide to go with dual AMD cards, be sure to grab a couple of 2GB 6950s at the least...if a multi-display/super high resolution is in your near future (where AMD cards really shine).

    If you have no plans for a multi-display and are content with 1080p gaming, the extra V-Ram is really a non-factor; a couple of 1GB 6950s would more than suffice.

    Low to mid-range GPUs don't do well in CrossfireX/SLi (micro-stuttering is a nasty issue for them).

    What you ultimately do is up to you, but I would definitely recommend passing on another 560 and grabbing a couple 1GB/2GB 6950s.
  2. Bulldozer is a CPU, not GPU...
  3. @PCGamer, thanks for the info. That does help.

    @VetteDude, I misspoke in my original post. I meant the "scorpius" platform. Thanks. i'm just kind of getting in to computers, the more knowledge the better.
  4. Scorpius is just marketing lingo. Bulldozer (FX) CPU with a 900 series mobo and a HD 6000 GPU. You can buy whatever GPU you want though and it will work fine. I would recommend the HD 6950 to you. They are more cost effective right now than they have ever been and ever will be.
  5. ok thanks for the help. I was just wondering, because i did go with the FX-8150 and a Gigabyte 990 motherboard, figured if i went that far, and i was going to upgrade to do it the "right" way.
  6. Well since you bought an FX CPU you can go ahead and get an HD 6000 card if you want to have the "platform." However, the best combo you can get right now is an Intel CPU with AMD GPU. Being all AMD does not mean it has the best performance.
  7. Right understand that much, but I wanted the extra cores as i do alot of multitasking, I haven't OCed it yet but i do plan on that to....... after extensive research as i don't want to kill my new computer.
  8. For, let's say, $170, a second GTX560 will pump your gaming performance well beyond that of a GTX580 -- seems like a good bargain to me. Micro-stutter may not be an issue with you -- if it is, return the card for credit, sell your current GTX560 ...

    and use the funds to buy a new Radeon HD78xx card.
  9. They aren't "real" 8 cores, only have 4 floating point units. AMD fell into the Intel Pentium 4 era marketing trap of bigger is better. With Pentium 4 it was more GHz is always better, now with AMD its more "cores" is always better.

    Anyways, go with dual AMD cards! :D
  10. What mobo you got?
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