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i have a 1tb wd external hard drive and on the back of it when out of the shell caseing there is a green mother board like panle that takes the sata cord and power suplie i need a new one were would i get it
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  1. You mean the PCB on the bottom of HDDs- http://www.donordrives.com/
    You have to get one with exactly the same firmware and stuff...
  2. Hi :)

    We often get asked this in my shops.... the ONLY way is an ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL PCB ...which is virtually impossible to get as WD wont have them anymore and as i doubt its a new external drive, you would have to find an identical model, then buy it and swap the board...

    And normally its the drive failed ...NOT the board...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Cheapest solution is to buy another housing and remove the drive from the WD enclosure and put it in the new one.
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