7970 blackedition or

1 xfx r7970 blackedition overclocked over there stock clock or
2 lower end card that are the same price as one 7970 both overclocked
or the 7970 then upgrade later to another 7970 , theyd be running 16x,8x in a gen 3 asrock that will eventully get a ivybridge
gonna use the pc mainly for gaming but also want to get into graphic desighn photo editing the whole 9yards. the cpu will be clocked between 4.1 and 4.8 ghz wont know till i see how hot it runs
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  1. yea you had it right, ive heard good things about framerates tho whats your take on that? and sucks i cant find the black edition anywheres in stock lol..
  2. dude just save up and wait for the 7990
  3. well i have 600 for the videocard in my budget and im not willing to downgrade anything else in my build and from what i here 7990 is gonna be like 900$..damn newzealand..
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