Dual monitor set-up and GTX 570 question from noob

Hello all,

Graphics card - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127582&Tpk=gtx%20570%20frozr

I just wanted to preface that I'm a pretty huge computer retard(little brother built my computer). Anyways I wanted to run a dual monitor set-up and have a gtx 570 graphics card.

From what I understand the white connector in the back of my computer is a DVI connector(port?) and the blue connector is the VGA connector from my gtx 570? However newegg indicates my GPU should only have 2x DVI connectors(ports), so shouldn't both of them be white?

Also is setting up 2 monitors as simple as getting 2x monitors with DVI cables and plugging them in? Is it possible to run 1 monitor connected in the VGA port and 1 monitor connected to the DVI port, just in case my 570 does only have one of each?

Thanks all for any help!
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  1. Yes you can and in the Nvidia control panel You will be able to set up your monitors to run together as one or by them selfs Go to set up multiple monitors and everything is right there to help you.

    If you can't figure it out either up in the right hand corner is a help or your left is a help box also. There it will tell you how to do it. If you still can't figure it out then come back here and we will of course help you. Good luck
  2. I'm sorry, but no ones helped me answer the difference between the blue/white connector(port) in the back of my computer. I plan to buy the monitor this wekeend, but not sure if I'll have to get a VGA--->DVI adapter also, or if GTX 570 does have a blue and white connector that can run two DVI monitors.

    Am I making sense?
  3. If your monitors are blue (VGA) and your graphic card is white (DVI) then yes you will have to buy an adaptor. Which would be DVI to VGA.

    Now the white port and the blue port on the back of your computer is the intergrated graphic card that is built into the mother board. You don't want to use them if you put a graphic card in your self.

    The card that you show a link to has two DVI white ports. So those are where you are going to plug your monitors in not the other blue and the white one. Like I said before if your monitors have only white DVI ports then you will not need an adaptor.

    If your monitors have a blue (VGA) port you will need two adaptors both DVI to VGA kind. I hope this answers your question? and good luck to you
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