Can my graphics card record?

My GPU (ATI 6950) has two DVI outputs, two MiniDP outputs, and an HDMI port. Trouble is that the card didn't come with much information on the HDMI, not labeling whether it has input or output capabilities. I was wondering if there was any way to use it as input, and if so, what program to use to record it?
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  1. Not generally, you may be able to record some gameplay, but you need a TV card that has inputs from external sources, like VCRs to record. TV cards usually come with TV software, or you can often use Media Center in Windows for recording and playback.
  2. I beleive that all the ports on your card it out put only. So I did some checking and this is what I found.
  3. yes, but if your cpu is powerful.
  4. xtreme5 said:
    yes, but if your cpu is powerful.

    Hex-core Zambezi 6100. Also, don't listen to benchmark reviews about this CPU, it really is amazing.
  5. xtreme5 said:
    yes, but if your cpu is powerful.

    I really don't think that the CPU does any type of recording. It is your hard drive or your dvd/cd player that does the recording. Your GPU's are sending the signal to the monitor but can't receive a signal from an external source.

    Like said above you would need a tv tuner card to record to your dvd/cd or your hard drive. I suggest to check other forums on here or other sites and get a second opinion.

    Because to the best of my knowledge you can not do what it is you are trying to do. I do wish you the best on this and I would want to know for sure. And if you do find out it is possible could you come back and let me know?
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