Hp a4316f boot issues

so i have a hp a4316f that i am currently working on. basically it will not boot past the hp spash screen. the keyboard will also not function to let me into bios or any other options.
i am trying to install a new copy of windows 7 on to a new hard drive (same as original that came with it)
the pc only has usb ports so i cannot use a ps\2 keyboard or mouse. have tried multiple different sata cables as well as port on the motherboard.

please help i am really stumped
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  1. Can you get into BIOS before splash screen hang? If no then

    remove all USB devices including keyboard, mouse. Try boot.

    If fails the same way, unplug from wall. wait. let capacitors drain. plug in, try boot.

    The HP support site has your MB doc, it has a jumper to reset the BIOS. Follow procedures closely. Try boot.

    If still bad, then pull 1 memory dimm. Try boot. If fails pull other dimm replace first. try boot.

    if still failing post last BIOS messages before splash screen hang.
  2. Sorry been super busy...anyhow..i have tried unplugging all usb stuff same issue..also swapping ram still no luck..
    next in list figure out how to reset bios with jumper
    and swap psu out...i will keep posting my findings
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