Buying a GTX 560 Ti

I'm thinking of buying this card:
I currently have the GTX 560 (not Ti) and I have a chance to upgrade my card very cheaply.
My question is, will I have to upgrade my PSU from

and is there a better value for this price range (up to $300 USD)?
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  1. That's actually one of the more expensive GTX 560 Ti's that I can see on Newegg. There is even an identical EVGA for $200 after rebate and free shipping:
    (I didn't check, but i assume the warranties are different.)

    I would take a closer look at Newegg and be sure to get one of less expensive models. The other choice for under $300 would be the GTX 560 Ti 448 cores model, which would be an even better upgrade for your 560.

    A good 500 watt PSU is sufficient, so you are good with that Corsair unit.
  2. Going from a 560 to a 560ti isn't a very big upgrade. Are you sure you want to do that?

    Hierarchy Chart:,3107-7.html

  3. Would it be better to SLI with another GTX 560? I think I would have to upgrade my motherboard to do that, mine is
  4. Yes, 2 560s will WAY be better. But there's always the chance of getting SLI micro stutter in some games with 2 midrange cards.,review-32256.html

    Although, I have 2 GTX 570s and haven't noticed it yet.

    But that board doesn't support SLI... it only has one PCIe slot.
  5. Yes go with SLI, in my opinion 560 ti from a 560 is not an upgrade really. Either get something like 7950/GTX 580 or get a new motherboard and SLI it.

    Here is a good motherboard:

    Seems that you are fine with ATX ones, because most Micro ATX motherboard are not supporting SLI/Crossfire.
  6. Any suggestions on motherboards that support SLI?
  7. Up there mate :).
  8. Thanks for the help!
  9. Your welcome and have a good day :).
  10. From the guru 3d article it looks like I'll have to get a new psu though, because the 2 560's do 409 watts. Is that right?
  11. Yes you know that SLI setups are very power hungry, but the good thing is that you don't need high end PSU. You can get this which should support 560 SLI.
  12. Deathitis said:
    From the guru 3d article it looks like I'll have to get a new psu though, because the 2 560's do 409 watts. Is that right?


    power consumption for the cards peaked to roughly 298 Watts
  13. Well, you don't run CX500 with 560 SLI. I know the 560 SLI only won't take 400 Watts of power (sorry for not saying this before), but the system wattage will be needing ~500-600W when everything is fully stressed. You get a better PSU, because running CX500 is too risky and even maybe will not suffice. I know you can get some TX650, but you don't have the future proof of the TX750 which has 4 PCI-E connector.
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