not plugged in ATI HDMI audio Realtek HMDI output where should these be plugged in beside in the back of the CPU
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  1. I'm confused. Are you trying to get sound to your monitor's built-in speakers or to your stand-alone speakers?
  2. clutchc said:
    I'm confused. Are you trying to get sound to your monitor's built-in speakers or to your stand-alone speakers?

    I have no sound at all. The icon of the speaker in the lower right hand corner has a red x, when you click , when you right click on the speaker icon there is a box that comes up and has options of selecting playback devices, recording devices and sounds. When you select of these a box come up that says computer cannot play audio service because Windows Audio Service is not enabled. Do you want to enable? When I click yes a sound box comes up and under playback it has
    Realtek HDMI Output under it ATI HDMI Audio and under that Not Plugged In. Speakers working, Realtek Digital Output, working.

    As far as I can tell all the cables that connect on the outside are contected to the computer in the correct place.

    I was wondering if maybe the sound card inside the computer might be what is being referenced as not plugged in.
  3. What type of speakers are you connecting?

    What is your operating system, Win7?

    Do you have a discrete sound card or integrated sound?
  4. Opr Vista
    The speaker system is the same one I've always had, not trying to connect new ones
    I'm not a technical person so I have no idea about the sound card, sound just stopped working on day and what I posted earlier is what I get when I try to check the red x on the speaker symbol at the bottom right and it starts with Windows Audio Service error and as I check everything it points me to finally Realtek not plugged in, do you think having a new sound card installed would work?
  5. "Realtek not plugged in" sounds a little familiar to me. I reminds me of a neat but confusing feature of the Realtek Audio chip built into the mobo.

    But FIRST: how is your computer connected to your speakers? There are usually two main ways - three round wires that each plug into holes in the back panel (and all go to a stand-alone speaker system), OR sound is fed to an amplifier or display screen using one wide HDMI cable plugged into a single socket.

    1. IF you have a separate speaker system and there are three wires coming from it to the back panel, then you are using the Realtek sound system built into the mobo. BUT it has an odd feature you might miss, to help you get the cords plugged into the right places. If you ever unplug the cords, this feature is activated, and unless you do things correctly, it will NOT put out any sound! So, unplug all three cords, and make a note which cord is feeding to which speakers - usually the front left and right on one cord, the front center and subwoofer on another, and the rear left and right on the last cord. Each has its own color code. Now, watch your screen and plug in ONE of the cords - say, the green one for the front left and right. On my system, when you do that a little window pops up and asks you to specify exactly what cord you just plugged into that socket. You MUST tell it. If you don't, it will not send a sound signal to that socket. And if you ignore it, the window will disappear after a while. Now, plug in a second cord and answer which speaker line that was. Same for the third cord. NOW your system should be able to send sound out from the Realtek chip to your speakers.

    2. IF, instead, you had your system set up to feed audio to a TV and sound system that are jointly fed on an HDMI cable, I would bet the cable is plugged into the HDMI output connector on your ATI video card. To get sound also onto that HDMI cable, the ATI card has its own sound chip. If that is how your system is supposed to work, you must go into Windows Audio Service and change the sound source. Tell it to use the ATI HDMI Audio system, and NOT the Realtek system. Windows can only output sound from ONE source. Set this way, sound will be generated by the ATI card's chip and sent out the HDMI cable to your display device or amp), and NO sound will be sent out of the speaker sockets on the back panel of your computer.

    From your description, I'm guessing you are using the HDMI cable system. If you are and you have nothing plugged into the rear panel speaker sockets, when you tell Windows to use the Realtek chip it will do that (and NOT send sound through the HDMI cable), and THEN it will discover that you don't have any speakers plugged in to those three sockets!
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