120mm Silverstone Magnetic dust filter for Elite 430

Can I place these magnetic fans at the top, rear and bottom (below the PSU fan) of the Elite 430?

I thought the Elite 430 came with dust filters located at the rear for the exhaust fan, but it seems it only comes with dust filters at the frontal panel.
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    The only place that you need filters is for the intake fans and not for exaust because the exaust means the air is being removed from the inside of the case so you want the dust to be exausted. You want the intake to have the filters to prevent the dust from getting inside the case.
  2. The bottom PSU fan always works as intake, rigt? Would it be fine to have one of these magnetic filters below it?
  3. Yes it would be ok because it's an intake and you want to keep dust out of the psu also. That psu fan does not bring air into the case and is only for the psu , some psu's have the fan at the rear of the case and that would act as an exaust in that case.
  4. alright then I guess I have no need for the filters after all

    The case and overall system is pretty basic so I won't have any problem with cleaning it every month or so. Thanks a lot for your help.
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