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First of all, I'm not very 'network savy' so go easy...

I am attempting to optimize a direct link (cat 5 crossover cable) between two computers, directly, in a p2p
configuration. I am not interested in passing files between the computers, but want to set up a server/client
between the two for running an application.

Computer #1 is an ooold 133MHz Pentium with a 10/100 PCMCIA NIC, running Win 2000 SP4.
Computer #2 is an old P4 1.7G Pentium with the 10/100 Linksys PCI NIC, running WinXP.

I'v tried playing with the Window size and MTU for each, but using iperf to test #1 = Server, #2 = client,
I am never able to get anything better than ~16Mbs (2MB/s).

I could use some help understanding my problem(s). Where are my bottlenecks?
What would/should the expected speeds be in my situation. Your opinions are

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  1. Computer #1 is the problem. You'll never achieve 100Mb if, for no better reason, you hard disks only spin at 7,200 r.p.m. but running that old PIII as either server or client certainly won't get you far up the scale.
  2. +1^, find out what the disk throughput is on that slow machine.
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