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So last week I spilled a beer on my tower and fried pretty much everything except the PSU, the fans, HDD's, and sound card. I replaced my Rampage 3 Extreme with a 4 Extreme, and my i7-950 with a 3930k. I bought all parts myself and took them to a computer repair shop to have them all installed. Tonight I got it back. They told me that the cooler that was orignally cooling my i7-950, an Asetek 550LC Liquid CPU Cooling System was still working and it would fit on the 3930k, so I left it on as it kept my last CPU pretty cool.

Well my first indication that something was amiss was when I booted it up and installed a CPU monitor and saw it idling in high 40s low 50s, when it use to idle in the low 30s. I got League of Legends installed and started playing some games for a couple hours with some buddies when I remembered to alt tab and check my temps. What I saw about made me die. All 6 cores running in the high 70s to high 80s range with a couple peaking at 94 Celsius!!! This is STOCK, no overclocking. Voltage is at about 1.08v

As soon as I stopped playing they dropped back down to high 40s low 50s with 0 load.. I also have a cooler master HAF 932 full tower a 670gtx and 4x4gb ram.. Should I just go to best buy tomorrow and get an HD100? I have a feeling this cooler either can't handle it or was damaged by the spillage.

Also, did I do any long term damage to my cpu running it at that temp for about 3 30 minute sessions? It seems to be fine right now, although idling high its within safe temps at idle...
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    No you wouldn't have caused any damage for that amount of time, I wouldnt put any load on it until you get it sorted though.

    No experience with that cooler but it should be keeping your temps alot lower. You may want to reapply thermal paste to it and retest.

    If it keeps happening after a couple of reseats look into getting a new cooler, the pump may have been damaged in the accident.
  2. Reapply the thermal paste is the best route to see if there improvement. If not, then new cooler maybe needed,,,
  3. Is the pump even working?
  4. I reapplied the paste, took the fans off the radiator and cleaned them. The radiator was pretty warm to the touch after being used for a few hours, so I am assuming it was getting hot water pushed through it. Tried reseating the heat sink several times, none of that changed the temps at all. So I installed an H100 and problem fixed. Temps are way better.
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  6. Good stuff, glad to hear you got sorted in the end :) May have been the pump or corrosion etc...
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