My Battlefield 3 $600ish build?

I want to run BF3 on high-medium... 1440x 900 is my crappy monitors res ... hhmmm leave any reccomended monitors too...

i3 2120



Havent choosen any RAM but I for sure want 8gb (newegg)

PSU 550watt

Case (Tell me if all the parts will fit! and i want some blue leds not sure where to get some)

Not sure about this optical drive

I have the OS covered if you know what I mean...

Il be using my old HDD but not sure if its sata or whatever and it has my files and WIN 7 ultimate 32 bit (I know Im getting 64 bit) eerrrmmm I need a keyboard and mouse but il search some myself.... This will be my 1st time ever build im 14 and i have $130 im saving up :p OH AND IF I MESS UP CPU INSTALLATION WHAT DO I DO??!?!?!? lol : D
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    Case is fine, as well as optical drive.

    Just be careful when you're installing the CPU, don't force it in the slot, and of course, only hold it around the edges. Watch some Youtube installation videos!
  2. Psu isnt modular "broski" :??:
  3. Actually I can't find anything in that range that is modular. I wouldn't get the Antec, as it provides a measly 32A at 12v. Even if it's "modular"
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