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Hello everyone. My PC has been experiencing problems lately in terms of temperature. My CPU runs at 32 C idle, and it's an Intel i5 650 Clarkdale. However , it just randomly spikes up to 65 C in temperature even when the system is at idle. The system in general slows down and i experience mouse lag during the spike . I'm not really sure what's going on or how to address it.
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  1. Open up Task Manager to see what is going on!
  2. I actually did so and i noticed that it was displaying cpu usage at 100% when it was happening, then it drops back down to 0-5% after a 10 seconds or so of lagging
  3. What process? Try running a virus scan and see what comes up.
  4. I don't have time to check before it goes back down to 0% due to the mouse lag the accompanies the slowdown. I scan with malwarebytes frequently and right now im trying spybot. If the virus scan doesn't come up with anything , do you have any idea what else it might be?
  5. AHA. I found it. AVP.exe is the offender , but it's a process for Kaspersky Internet Security. I'm not sure it's normal that it's taking up 80% of the cpu usage randomly every once in a while or so....
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