!!Am i missing anything in my build!!

Hey people, just wondering if i am missing anythin in my build.
i have a os, mouse and keyboard so i dont need that.
anyways, i have to make my computer, AM I MISSING ANYTHING

1.Asrock H61DEL atx motherbaord
2. asus gtx 560
3 coolmaster extreme power
4. interl core i3-2130 3.4GHZ
6. AOC 21.5" MONITOR
8. hardrive
9. optical/bluray drive

and does the opticla drive take in the cd to the case
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  1. What hard drive? I'd recommend a 1TB 7200rpm. Other than that, everything looks fine... you've got all of the components.

    Is the Coolermaster Extreme Power a PSU? How many watts? Links would help.

    Yes, the optical drive takes in cds and bluray disks in your case.
  2. thanks for the reply, will the 7200rpm load application alot quicker then 5xxxx? yer the coolmaster is a psu with 500 watts, rated 4 stars so really cant complain, my gpu needs 450 so should be alright, ha
  3. Er... I'd go with the Antec 550W:

    Also, the 7200rpm is the one of choice. It'll load quite a bit quicker... I would really recommend it. A 1TB only costs $99 on newegg:
  4. ha, i come from a country where there are kangaroo in my backyard :(, newegg aint ship here, i will have a look at the 550 antec!
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    Ah. Well.. just look around. 500W is a little too close... 550 or 600 would be ideal.
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