Can h100 fit in NZXT Vulcan?

I'm looking to a Micro ATX ROG 2500k build and this is the case I chose

It has dual 120mm fan ports at the top, but the way the top is angled/shaped I'm concerned that an h100 wouldn't fit. I prefer clean looks and symmetry in my builds and there's really no good looking place to put a single 120mm RAD, and a custom loop is out of the budget

Does anyone know if an H100 could fit? If so do you have have pics/vids of a build?
I've heard this case is popular with case modding. If so does anyone know how I could work an h100 into the case?

Another question about the h100, would the motherboard be too close for push/pull?

Thank you for your time.
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  1. If you dont' mind doing some modding i managed to get mine to fit between the front plastic cover and front metal of the case. I removed the HDD cage in order to mount fans and ran the hoses through the bottom CDrom bay. later on i cut out a proper square hole for it you can't tell its there. the h80 fits in front 120mm hole too, but if your video cards to long it will get in the way of the hoses

    it wont fit up top unless you cut holes and mount it on the outside?
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