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Hello, all.

For a while now I have used several windows sidebar gadgets to monitor the status of my CPU, hard drives, and GPU.

For some reason, the GPU monitor has never quite worked correctly. Normally, it should show me the GPU temperature , the PCB temp, the fan RPM, the GPU load, the total/used/free amount of memory, and the GPU/memory/shader clock speed. Unfortunately, the gadget doesn't report everything.

The unreported values show up as 0 or N/A:

I've had this issue with every GPU monitor gadget I could find.

The current video card I have is an ATI Radeon HD 5870 (as is shown in the image). And, just so you know, the GPU monitor I use is called............. GPU Monitor! :o

Any idea what might be the problem?
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  1. No I haven't. Is it a program or just a gadget? I prefer gadget since it doesnt require another running program in the background. Not to mention that a gadget easily reports all of the info I need right on the desktop at all times. However, I'll take a look into it anyways.

    The image in the first post shows what I mean. If you look, for example, at the last graph, you can see that nothing is being reported. There aren't any graph lines present. This graph is supposed to show the memory usage of the video card. Right above that graph, it shows 0 MB for used memory, free memory, and total memory. In my case, it should report a total 1024 MB, but it doesn't.

    Also, the gadget reprts 0 Mhz for the Shader clock at the very bottom, and at the very top it reports N/A for the PCB temperature.

    I have had the same incomplete information displayed with every sidebar gadget I have used.
  2. I tried it out, looks good. I'll consider it if I can't find a solution. However, I still prefer the gadget since its much smaller.

    Anyone have any ideas why I'm getting these issues with GPU monitor gadgets?

    (By the way, I got a 64-bit computer....)
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