Need Low profile aircooler for 2500k Overclock

I'm looking for a decent cooler thats low profile, but also good for overclocking.

I was originally planning on doing a h100 but the case I want, the dual 120mm fan ports won't fit any radiators.

The case side panel is pushed out but its too far down so stuff like a hyper 212 won't fit.

The only place where I can put a single 120mm cooler like an h80, I think might be too far for the block to reach, and a custom loop is out of the budget.

Any good low profile coolers that can overclock my 2500k to at least 4.0ghz?

Case is NZXT Vulcan, btw.
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  1. Watercooling is dangerous, and not really necessary, especially to get a 2500K to 4.0GHZ.

    A CoolerMaster TX3 should fit.

    Live long and prosper!
  2. How do you keep changing your name? Thats like the 3rd one you've had.
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