VG card or MoBo? Display says no input on monitor.

Can i use an XFX Radeon HD 6870 VG Card on a Crosshair IV Formula MoBo without a second VG card?

On the box it says "For an AMD CrossfireX system, a second (XFX Radeon 6800 series VG Card), Crossfire ready MoBo, and the bridge connect are required.

Honestly, I'm not concerned with the CrossfireX. So im not going to use it if I dont have to. Also, this is only a sub-question to my major issue. Im just trying to find the discrepency here.

My other question is my Ive benched my system and for the life of me I cant get the display to come up on the HDMI or DVI from the VGA Card.

So im not getting a POST screen, everything is running properly and the MoBo doesnt give any beeps with speakers hooked up. All of the fans are spinning properly, Iv'e triple checked all connections and pins and everything looks perfect. The Monitor is verified working through my laptop. If anybody could help with any of my questions it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for listening you guys.
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  1. What is a "VG card"? Do you refre to VGA?
    All AMD cards can be used solo and do not need a second card...Crossfire and Crossfirex is if you want a second GPU to run alongside your card.

    Problem with VGA-HDMI/DVI: Have you disabled your onboard graphics? also, ensure you use the correct DVI connecter as some have less pins than the AMD supplied adapters.

    As a last resort try going into control panel>Display settings>connect a display/projector and find the detect displays option.

    Sorry I cant be of more help and good luck
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