Is this a power supply calling it quits?

Greetings everyone!

My computer has suddenly shown signs of losing power. It first started when I noticed that my windowed hard drive (Raptor X) that I have mounted on the side of my case started struggling to keep the disk spinning. It just couldn't cope to the point where it gave up completely and made faint clicking sounds afterwards. Windows eventually crashed and then I noticed two additional hard drives were seemingly out of service. While figuring I had a loose connection somewhere, I noticed my temp LCD display inside my case was malfunctioning as well. My computer still posts, all fans spin just 3 hard drives no longer function, LCD display is malfunctioning and only my Blu-ray drive and one other hard drive are being detected. So to me, this seems like a power supply on it's last leg. Also to note, few days ago I started having some problems with my video cards locking themselves into low power mode.

But before I conclude it is the power supply, I just want to get an additional opinion. The power supply in question is a Corsair HX1000W. Could a short somewhere be causing this problem? I figured a short would instantly shut off the power supply.

Anyway, thanks for the help! :)
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  1. If it was the PSU most likely you would be experiencing hard shut downs. Motherboard might be the issue.
  2. I am 99% sure it is not the motherboard as even with the sata cables disconnected, the hard drives wouldn't spin and also, the temp display is not connected to the motherboard in any way.
  3. But everything else works fine? You need to measure the voltages the drives use 5 and 12 volt and your PSU has two +12 volt rails, it is possible one has failed.
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