Pc shutting down before post?

hi i am having a few issues with my Dual core system, where when i press the power button everything except the fans start but only for a second before restarting, i can see the LED's in the optical drive and the PSU fan runs, but it wont even get into bios, am i right suspecting PSU? or is it something else, to be honest i have no clue :/
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  1. Try reset cmos, u can read how to in motherboard manual..
  2. Yup reset CMOS is the first troubleshooting step. Let us know if it doesn't work.
  3. tried that and no dice, still playing up
  4. internet cable said:
    tried that and no dice, still playing up

    As you surmised earlier the next course is to try a different PSU. See if you can borrow one from another machine or a friend to test this hypothesis before simply buying one. If your machine still does not boot then there are many potential causes to investigate. Next try your PSU in another machine and see if it boots with your old PSU. If it does boot then it is likely your motherboard. If it does not boot then it could be the motherboard still as well as the PSU or a nagging short in the PWR switch or RST switch of your case. I found a client's machine with just that.

    Good luck.

  5. yeah i can get access to a whole bunch of PSU's, trouble is finding one with a 24 pin power and not 20 pin, ill give it a shot tomorrow, thanks for the help
  6. have you tried only using 1 ram slot? Verified all PSU connections? If you got internal graphics board then try without GPU.
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