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My laptop resolution just vanished? (I know, sounds weird, but read on)

Hello guys.
So, after i installed new Ati graphic drivers in my laptop (i got Ati mobility hd 4330), two of my laptop's "resolution" vanished.
I had like, 6 resolutions before to choose from.
640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x768,1280x600 and my native resolution - 1366x768.

After i installed those drivers, 1280x768 and 1280x600 just vanished. I can't change into them now o_O.

Now you might wanna ask me why i need them.
Well, i can change my resolution into them while playing video games (to get more fps) and DX9 games (Skyrim :D).
In DX10, it fits into the whole screen whatever the res may be. But in DX9, if i lower the res below 1280 (which i dont have now) the screen becomes short and black around the edges. (I hope you get this, some of you may know it already)

Thanks for helping :D
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  1. What version is that?
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    Ah, thanks for replying mate. But guess what ?
    After that had happened, i saw in Ati's website that January driver updates have come. So downloaded them and installed them (uninstalling my previous drivers beforehand obviously) and WOOT! I got my resolutions back, plus new drivers :p.

    It must be a bug or something in Dec 2011 Ati's Drivers. Jan 2012 Drivers fixed it :D.
  3. OK nice to see you are fine. That's why you should look for the most newest one.
  4. Yep. Now how should i close this thread? (I'm new)
  5. There is actually no way, the moderator will close it for you.
  6. Ah, alright.
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