Computer conterminously restarting after being turnerd on.

I recently built myself a new rig about five- six months ago. Yesterday, i was trying to fix no signal to my monitor, by re-seating the RAM. Then, this problem starting occurring where I turn the computer on, everything starts up for about 3 seconds, then it restarts and does the same thing over and over. I cleaned and re-seated everything, tested the power supply on my old rig, the power supply wasn't the problem. Tried my old video card instead of my main, nothing happened; i also put only one ram, nothing happened. (This is all done out of the case.) I am completely perplexed, I don't know what i can do and some help will be greatly appreciated.

Specs. MSI P67A-C43 Motherboard
Intel i5- Sandy Bridge
x4 2GB Rip Jaws DDR3 RAM
Nvidia 260GTX
CoolMAX CUG Series 950 Watts Power Supply

:o <-----How i feel.
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  1. Did you try a different power supply in your new system? It's possible that the Coolmax 950W works on the old system because it has less/different demands, or a particular connector or cable on the PSU is bad, and isn't used in the old system.

    One other thing to test - try the new system with no video card at all, just the onboard from your CPU. I wonder if your PCIe slot might be going bad.

    In any case, I'd also try everything I could first on the power supply; get out a multimeter and measure the voltages to see if they're within acceptable limits. I do NOT trust Coolmax for PSUs.
  2. Hey capt_taco,
    I have not yet tried a new power supply on this unit, as my old one is not built for this motherboard. I am going to try to get one tomorrow from a friend though. I will also try to get a multimeter tomorrow and test it out, but I am pretty sure that the Power Supply is not the problem.
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