I can't find the regular "log-in" button

As a member of this Forum, I'm embarrassed to say that I can't find the regular button to "Log In," just as there is one to "Log Out."

At the top right hand corner of the webpage, there is a "Join" button...but it takes me to the Facebook page.

The only method I have used to log in to this Forum is to click at the bottom of a thread where it says: "Register or log in to remove." However, even then, when a small window appears asking for my username and password, I am still not able to log in until after the 4th (even 5th) attempt.

Is there an alternate method please, other than the above mentioned?
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  1. Could be wrong here but I'm guessing if you see a LogOut button beside webgirl's Profile, the system is happy to think you're logged in. Did you have to do anything specific before you posted here?

  2. Somehow the "Sign In" button was not visible next to the "Join" button.

    It may have been because the webpage was not loading due to the slow dial-up system I was using.

    Thank you.
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