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every time i power up my cpu, it gives a continuous siren as it is getting overheated. Now i removed & re-installed every parts & re assembled the pc. also changed the thermal paste & made the Heatsink properly seated. But still it gives the same siren. i am unable to see the screen also.

Please help...!!!

Cpu- Pentium 4 , Ram 512 (Single Stick), Intel original Motherboard.
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  1. What Pentium 4 is it?

    The prescotts were hot CPUs, combined with a big die (compared to CPUs these days), and the intel stock wouldn't be enough, i,ve got a prescott but the intel stock cooler wouldn't fit in my case so i have a foxconn cooler (have an SFF).
    And my temps range from 36c to 55c.

    This would cool down you CPU alot-
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