Bad fps/HDD? HELP!

Hey reader.

So i Have the following setup
Core i7 (1366) 2.6ghz cpu
x58motherboard (asuss p6T)
6gb tripple channel ram 1600mHz
64GB SSD with Windows 7 installed/ standered softwares like itunes etch
500Gb HDD with games etch on.
ATi (AMD) 5870 graphics card.

My problem is over last few days i have been having major FPS/loading issues. Iplay mostly SWTOR and dawn of war 2.
I am lucky to get more then 20fps and even when i lower the setting there is little improvements, sometime just a few frames more.

Last night i uninstalled my ATi drivers and software and run both games, to wtich both ran okay a tad lower then normal, for exapmple the performance test in DOW2 gave me 55fps as to my normal 70fps (with problem i get 15fps).

I reinstalled a slightly later version of the catalist and driver last night and turned all off after.
today when i loaded up i was back to bad loading times/fps again. so thought i would uninstall my drivers, after leaving it running the uninstall for a while it finaly progressed a step further and then failed to uninstall.

Anyone have an idea what this may be? my HDD the card or just the drivers?
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  1. Just download the Catalyst Application Profiles that have just been released.
    CAP 1 and CAP 2
    It ought to solve your problem.
    Although I's suggest downloading them directly from the AMD website and not this one that I have posted here..... this is just a read.
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