Will my 700w support 2 GTX 560 gpus ?

Hi there .

So I'm about to purchase my a 2nd GTX 560 in addition to the one I already have but I'm not sure if the psu I have can provide enough power. I have the Huntkey 700W and also I have a i5 750 2.67 Ghz CPU which I plan on overclocking as soon as I install my cpu cooler as well a few additional case fans to keep the case cooler .

Im not really clued up on how power consumption is divided between my PC components so I just want to know if my PSU is sufficient ?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. No it can't.In the test's in this review the max it can pull on the +12/v rail is 510watts which is not enough for a GTX560 SLI and a i5 750 O.C.Huntkey/Rocketfish is not known for making quality products so I really wouldn't suggest using it for that setup.

    I suggest getting a new PSU.Do you have a budget for a new PSU?
  2. I don't think it's a good Idea. Upgrade your PSU to a good brand, even in the same wattage.
  3. if u dont have that much money to upgrade so stay with single gtx 560 it is good you psu can handle single gtx 560.)
  4. From that review I posted above they seem to think that the 700watt is one of the only PSU's from that brand that can deliver what it's rated for.That's good that it can but it's bad that they don't usually make them like that.Which says a whole lot about the company.
  5. If the OP's PSU is that one reviewed on the link, he's fine and no problem. Article stated no problem with the wattage, fan and noise were the major issue and even if the PSU is able for 650W only, it still can handle the 2 GTXs and the OCing.

    But who's the hell could pay $165 for such a piece of cake?
  6. My Suggestion would be to go and get a corsair 700 or 750 watt. I know alot run SLI on a 650. I don't recommend using Power Supplies that are not tested and known for Holding up, whether i have to spend another 100$ to make my computer the best it can be or just simply move something around. I do it.
  7. I still don't trust it.I would just go out and buy a quality name brand PSU you can rely on.But in the end it's your decision and our suggestions.
  8. Hi guys

    Thanks for all the responses , the PSU I have is indeed the one in the article , I might be able to budget for a new PSU if really needed, otherwise i'd like to not spend money if it isn't needed .

    I also want to know if the ammount of fans I install into my case will effect the efficiency of my power supply ?
  9. oh and also In my country I bought it for the equivalent of 70 USD , otherwise I wouldn't have paid as much for this PSU
  10. Oh and if I am not to use this psu , I'll probably sell it , but if you guys could be so kind as to provide me with a good suggestion on a psu that could handle the loads I will put on it ( that won't burn a whole in my wallet) I would be most grateful :)
  11. What is your budget for the PSU?

    I run about 4 fans also(x2 200mm and x2 120mm).As long as you have a good positive airflow going through the case it really doesn't matter.
  12. Well I got myself the Coolermaster Storm scout and the fans to put in it and a CPU cooler as well so I reckon the air flow wont be bad ?
  13. Quote:
    Well I got myself the Coolermaster Storm scout and the fans to put in it and a CPU cooler as well so I reckon the air flow wont be bad ?

    this tower must have --at least -- an 80plus (silver or gold) >750w psu inside..
  14. I just don't know psu brand to go with ?
  15. you should go with brands like antec,corsair and seasonic.:)
  16. Antec, Seasonic, XFX, Corsair, Enermax.
  17. oh yes xfx pro.
  18. Is aero cool any good from anyone's experience ?
  19. it will be better to go with known brands with reputation.
  20. Okey I might be able to get my hands on Antec TruePower New 750W , is it any good for Sli-ing two GTX 560 Ti's ?
  21. yes it can handle gtx 560 ti in sli.:)
  22. Awesome thanks :D , which one would be better though, I see a lot of people prefer Antec and I don't know much about them but I can get the 1000W Aero cool for about 20$ extra
  23. no need to go for aero cool go for well known brand whether wattage is less and wattage doesnt matter power matter alot.
  24. take a look at this good psu which is made by seasonic just given the name xfx and seasonic is one the best psu maker so if u can afford go for this or that antec 750 gamer series both are good at thier price.:)
  25. Thanks will check it out :)
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