Win7 Triple monitor with one grapic card


I use a Dell Inspiron N7010 laptop, and I added 1 VGA monitor and 1 HDMI monitor.
Everything is plugged on the originals laptop output.

With UBUNTU everything was fine from the first startup, and I have all 3 monitors working to extend my desktop.

But with Windows 7, I can only manage to display 2 of the 3 monitors, in the Display setting, I can see the three monitor, but 2 icon are blue and 1 is grey.

When I want to extend the desktop to the 3rd monitor, it will turn on, but another monitor will turn off.
And when I click on "duplicate desktop", it seems to work (all 3 icons are blue) but then I can't apply, I have the message "unable to save display settings" (anyway, I want to extend desktop, not to mirror it)

here's a photo of my installation :

Do you have any idea on how I can make the 3 monitors work with windows 7 without buying more hardware ?

Maybe there is just a little something to set up that I have miss ; or a software to install.

Thank you
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  1. Do you install the latest drivers for the Windows 7? It's maybe that you have the one that's new from ubuntu but old on windows 7.
  2. hello, I know that but how did the OP have 3 monitors on ubuntu? Is it possible that windows only can't get it? Well thanks for explaining mr. malmental!
  3. @refillable : Yes I use windows update, and I downloaded the lastest catalyst driver.

    @malmental : I do not understand what you mean by "using the display port connection to the laptop in Windows to get all three"
  4. The meaning of "using the display port connection to the laptop in Windows to get all three" is you must to use 'Display Port' to do 3 monitors. But, Well as mr. malmental said, there is many possibilities on your issue, it's maybe that windows drivers are limited to 2 monitors in windows, or drivers are not updated. If it's the card itself I don't think so, because if it is, it will not work on ubuntu too. For me I just will stay away from the windows update utility/tool because they said 275.xx is newest for nvidia when there is 290.51 for my case. You'd better go to AMD website and install it yourself there. Good Luck :).
  5. If it's working on ubuntu without a Display port, it should also work on win7.

    Maybe it's just a Win7 feature that block 3 monitors from 1 graphic card, because it could lead to instability or worse.

    I keep searching.
  6. yeah I read about driver restriction, but unsure why they restrict.(if they do)

    I mean, it could be a newbie question, but can running 3 monitors on ubuntu damage my compurter by overheating the card or something like that ?
  7. Hi there!

    I have exactly the same issue here: 3 monitors working under ubuntu, but not under win7. Don't know what to do.

    Best regards
  8. I still don't know how to do it, but will let you know if I ever find out.
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