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I recently put together my new computer with 2 6970's on a Rampage IV Extreme mobo. But I have been getting an error on startup once i get into windows saying "VGA2 PLL 0.000V" I checked the cables and everything is hooked up properly so cant figure out what it is. Everything ive tried runs well. The only thing i did notice is that with crossfire it seems there is no memory on my secondary card according to GPU-Z. Is it supposed to be like that or is this what is wrong?
When I say no memory in GPU-z i mean in the sensor tab, Memory usage. Only one of my cars has these fields.
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  1. 1. Crossfire bridge is fully connected and seems to be working fine
    2. Yes, tried swapping positions on them too but still got the warning.
    3. Yep and still got the warning.

    I figured out it was Asus AI suite which I installed for the mobile link doing the error message... But im still confused as to why the memory is only active on one card, unless it's supposed to be like that. As for the voltage error could it be that AI suite was just confused and couldn't find the correct data and therefore assumed it was 0?
  2. I tried it with just one card and still got the warning so gonna assume it was just Asus AI suite that was confused cause now everything seems to run nicely. And I have 2 CFX bridges.

    Thanks anyway :)
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